I hope that my jewellery adds beauty to your everyday.

With this debut collection, “The Elegance of a Coastline”, I was inspired by weathered coastal cliffs along Sydney’s eastern beaches and their dramatic yet elegant curves. I took this inspiration and applied a minimalist approach where I pared back my designs to their essential elements. The earrings, rings and bangle in this collection minimally represent the elegant curves of weathered ocean cliffs. The pieces are available in solid sterling silver or 9 carat yellow gold. I think the pieces provide an effortless yet elegant look that can be dressed up or down, layered with other pieces in the collection or other jewellery.

I enjoy wearing the pieces in this collection. I hope you do too.

Each jewellery piece is hand made to order by me. Please allow me at least 7-10 days or in some instances 2 weeks, to make your order, ready to ship. Handmade in Australia.