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Sandstone Curves Earrings Gold (Short)

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Modern minimalist earrings. Like the subtle curves in coastal sandstone, these earrings curve ever so slightly, creating a little more drama and movement than a straight line. These handcrafted earrings provide a minimal aesthetic and work well with casual and formal looks. They are available in three different sizes by length. Earrings are sold as a pair and include backs.

Made to Order: Each jewellery piece is handmade to order by me. Please allow me at least 7-10 days to make your order before it is ready to ship.

Shipping: Shipping to Australia only using Australia Post’s Express Post service. Free shipping on all orders.

Dimensions: Dimensions are approximate, as each item is handcrafted, there may be slight variations to the listed dimensions. 

9 Carat Yellow Gold Short

L20mm W1.5mm